Weekend Update

Weekend Update With Eyrie Valley – August 20, 2017

Well here we go on our inaugural edition of Weekend Update With Eyrie Valley! In this segment we will go over a rundown of the past week and what we are looking ahead to in the coming weeks and months.

The Rundown

After moving more times than you can shake a stick at in the past few years, along with completing my adventure back in to post-secondary education, we have finally been able to settle back in our hometown of Saskatoon, SK. While we started Eyrie Valley 4 years ago during our time in Edmonton, AB our plans had to be put on hold for a bit until things got a little less crazy! Now that things have calmed down we have been able to focus on continuing to work towards our goal of providing quality Labrador Retrievers that can fit any lifestyle.

This week has been about establishing some consistency with training again and having some fun as always! Here are some pictures from the week that was.


The Look Ahead

We are getting a new puppy! Eyrie Valley will be welcoming a new Beagle pup into our family coming up at the end of August. We are very excited and will keep you updated on her progress as we work through obedience and house training. One of the things I am already planning for this pup is to train her to hunt antler sheds as Beagle’s are excellent scent trailing dogs.

Coming up we will be preparing for Working Certificate Tests coming up September 9th & 10th near Regina, SK. This week we will be focusing on steadiness at the line and lengthening out land retrieves.

Some of the future events we are looking forward to are:

  • Dog Days of Summer Free Dog Swim – August 31st
  • Saskatoon Pet Expo – November 18th & 19th

Follow us on social media to keep up with what is happening throughout the week and check in next weekend for another update. Remember that as we face the challenges that the week will bring, “It is not the size of the dog in the fight, but the size of the fight in the dog” (Mark Twain).





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